Faves: Netflix binge-worthy legal shows

Whenever I have free time, I love to watch Netflix. Especially in winter, I like to binge-watch an entire season (or two) in a day. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I like to watch and if I’ve got some law-related recommendations (other than Suits). Well, as a law student, my favorite kind of shows ARE the legal (and crime) ones! Here is my top 3 at the time:

3. How to get away with murder
This show is about a group of ambitious law students and their criminal defense professor, that get drawn into a real-life murder conspiracy. I started watching this show 3 years ago when I knew that I wanted to study law and I immediately loved it. It’s set on the university but also has a mix of some personal drama, which makes it even more exciting. The show has 4 seasons and I personally enjoyed the first two the most. To those who are thinking of going to law school: this may be the perfect show to watch.

2. The Confession Tapes
Other than fiction I also really like to watch a good (crime) documentary from time to time. The Confession Tapes is one of those documentaries that really made a big impression on me. It’s about 6 cases of possible false confessions that are leading to murder convictions. Would you confess a crime you didn’t commit? Most people would answer yes with certainty. But I promise you, after watching a couple of episodes you’re doubting the answer you gave in the first place.. A must see, definitely!

1. My all-time favorite: The Good Wife
The Good Wife. What can I say. My holy grail in the very many law-related tv shows there are. I started watching this show in 2016 and loved it so much that I binge-watched the entire 7 years worth of show in the short time span of just 3 months. (shame on me)
The reason why I like the Good Wife so much: because it really has the perfect mix of personal life and family drama, but is also following Alicia on her way of climbing the legal ladder and the hard decisions she has to make on her way up. The cases are set up very-well and the defenses from Alicia and her team are great inspirations on the days you feel like not studying. Hearing great oral arguments in court always gives me motivation!

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