My first designer handbag: the Louis Vuitton – Speedy 30

When I was 13 years old I gradually acquired an interest in designer bags. At that age I loved to surf the internet and visit online designer forums, drooling on all the pretty bags I saw. Especially the (Damier checker print) Louis Vuitton bags catched my eye.

Obviously, at that age, I couldn’t even dream of purchasing one and I knew that I was too young for bags like those.. But the fascination started.

When I turned 16 and got my first job at the local fitness center, a couple of months later I was surprised at how much I’d actually saved up. I also hadn’t spend my birthday money yet and had the idea of buying myself a memorable sweet-16 present. I decided that I wanted to buy the Speedy I fell in love with 3 years earlier. I’d always wanted designer bags and the Speedy seemed like the perfect first. (It was quite a bummer that in those 3 years the price of a Speedy 30 had increased from €450 euro in 2010 to €610 euro in 2013. Oh well… love is blind)

My mom, on the other hand, is NOT blind and thought I’d lost my mind the first time she saw that price. Lol.

Though, as understanding as she’s always been: she told me that it was my own money and I had to spend it thoughtfully. But, since I saved up for it and considered it carefully, she was okay with it.

So there I went, together with my mom on the way to Amsterdam!

The moment I finally walked out the store with the big brown bag in my hands, I felt so proud and happy. My first designer handbag, the Speedy I was obsessed with, all mine!

At first sight, the Speedy 30 isn’t as standout as the other bags in the store or even in the catalogue. Nonetheless, the Speedy 30 is the very first handbag for everyday use that Louis Vuitton designed in the early 1930’s. The number ’30’ that comes after the name is in reference to the size of the bag.

A well known wearer of the bag is (style goddess) Audrey Hepburn! The bag was created in a smaller 25 cm size specially for her. The Speedy family nowaday runs from size 25 to size 40.

After having the bag for almost 5 years now, I still love it like the first day. A couple months ago the zipper broke and I got it replaced for like €25 euro, that’s the only ‘problem’ I’ve had with this bag so far! It ages really well, the canvas doesn’t get easily destroyed and I love that. This is my go-to bag for everything, shopping, the gym – I even wear this bag to class when I don’t have to carry much – I love that it’s resistible and I don’t have to be scared to ruin it.

I would say this is a great first designer bag if you’re looking into buying one, it’s a relatively ‘cheap’ designer bag and the Speedy never goes out of style.

The Statute Snob

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